Frequently Asked Questions

Our New Location at 24180 Lorain Road in North Olmsted is now open. Just like in North Royalton, we expect to sell out of studios quickly. If you're interested in upgrading your salon career to Mia Salon Studios, please call or text our confidential number 440-212-9389. Thank you for your interest.


What is Mia Salon Studios?

We lease fully furnished salon studios to beauty professionals. Our independent stylists get to set their own hours and prices, personalize their own studio, sell their own retail, and enjoy all the benefits of owning a business - without all the risks.


Where are you located?

13800 York Road in North Royalton, OH 44133
24180 Lorain Road in North Olmsted, OH 44070


Can you tell me more about Mia Salon Studios?

Our stylists bring scissors, products, clients and a smile. We provide the rest, a fully furnished salon studio with all needed salon fixtures. This provides cosmetologists the freedom and flexibility to manage their business without the risks (high startup costs, managing staff, finding a location, etc) associated with opening a traditional salon. Our professionals have the ability to set their own pricing and schedule, decorate & customize their studios, sell their own retail, and take advantage of the many other benefits that Mia Salon Studios has to offer. We offer studios for stylists, nail techs, estheticians, massage therapists and more.


Will my clients follow me?

Yes, for sure. For one thing, they've developed a connection with you - they trust you to cut and color and style. Secondly, they will be excited to support you in your new business. Third, they will have an upgraded experience with the luxury of Mia Salon Studios. Fourth, and most importantly, your room is an extension of your style, your design, and your energy. Your clients will love you in your own studio.


What are your hours of operation?

24/7 you can work anytime you want. You will receive a secure key fob that allows you to gain access anytime you'd like. Our doors will be unlocked during normal business hours, and you can enter your salon anytime you'd like after hours using your key card. We keep the lights and music on 24/7 so you can work whenever you'd like.


I've heard you are sold out of all this true?

Our first location sold out of studios faster than we could build them. Our next location will sell out quickly as well. This being said, stylists retire or move, so we occasionally have rooms open up. Give us a confidential call today and we will do our best to accommodate you. If we can't, we will add you to our waiting list.


When a studio becomes available, do you choose who's next on your waiting list?

No. We aren't interested in who's next on our waiting, we are interested in who's best on our waiting list. Mia Salon Studios wants to have a strong community of beauty professionals, and this means bringing in the best mix of the best talent to foster internal referrals and keep our salon community thriving. We need the right mix of skin care, stylists, nail techs, etc.


How does this whole 'salon studios' thing work? 

Mia Salon Studios is the 'latest and greatest' concept in the salon industry -- we lease fully furnished salon studios to beauty professionals. This provides beauty professionals the freedom and flexibility to manage their business without the risks, stress, or paying high commissions. Our professionals have the ability to set their own prices and schedule, decorate their studios, sell their own retail, and take advantage of the many other benefits that Mia Salon Studios has to offer. We offer single studios, double studios to accommodate 2 stylists, and triple studios to accommodate 3 stylists.


Who will schedule my appointments?

You will, assuring that all calls and texts are handled to your standards, and all appointments including existing clients and newly referred clients are scheduled with you accordingly. We offer a Mia Salon Studios app for your phone that acts as your online receptionist, schedule calendar, accepts credit cards, keeps notes on clients and much more. Unlike our competition, we do not charge for this app or take a cut of your earnings. 


I've heard your studios are very spacious...can I work on more than one client at a time?

Yes! Every studio has designed to provide a comfortable environment for the technician and their client -- with extra seating. Please check out the competition first -- then come see us. Our studios are much larger, for the same rent cost.


Why did you choose the name Mia Salon Studios?

"Mia" means "mine" in the Italian Language,'s "My" Salon Studio!


What's included?

Pretty much everything you need to be a successful business owner! We include lots of storage space in the form of soft-close, full front modern cabinetry. You also get a backwash station, a styling station with a full length mirror, a styling chair, a color station and plenty of room for you to sell your own retail! In addition, we provide unlimited complimentary business and marketing coaching.


Do you offer education?

Yes, multiple times per year, and it's complimentary for Mia Salon Studios professionals. Click here for details.


Can I decorate my own studio? Can I add a dryer chair station? Can I hang paintings?

Yes, yes, yes! We encourage and support you to make your studio uniquely yours, and we provide complimentary service to build, assemble, hang and mount whatever you'd like.


How do I learn more?

Call or text us anytime at 440-212-9389 and we will be happy to serve you. This is our confidential phone line.


What hours should my studio be open for business?

Mia Salon Studios is designed for independent businesses. The effort that you put into your own business will help determine the degree of your financial success. 


Do you have salon drama and politics?

Nope. And if you're a drama queen, gossip girl, or PITA, please don't call us. Yeah, we just said that.


Is this right for me?

Well, do you have an existing clientele? Do you want to make a lot more money? Do you want to take control of your career? Do you want to stop giving away half of your earnings? Keep 100% of your profits? Sell your own retail and keep all the profits? Set your own hours? Create your own salon style, vibe and energy? Escape drama? Escape your boss? Escape that one stylist that is so annoying? If so...this is right for you.


How many stylists can work in a studio?

We can accommodate one, two or three stylists at a time. We offer singles, doubles, and triple studios. We also offer the ability to split rent on a studio so 2 part time stylists can share a space.


I'm feeling new to all this...can you help?

Yes, relax, we've got your back. We can help you figure out if this is right for you. We can show you around, give you some more information, introduce you to some stylists, answer any questions you have. Then, if this is the right move for you, we've got your back all the way.


Can I really stop paying commissions? And keep 100% of what I make?



Can I really sell my own retail? And keep 100% of the profits?



Do you take a cut of my earnings?! From now on, your money is your money. You earned it, you keep it.


Can I accept cash? Checks? Credit cards?

Yes, yes and yes. It's your business, you can do anything you'd like, and we will help you as much or as little as you'd like! We've partnered with a credit card company to make it easy for you to take credit cards -- and at a lower rate than you can get on your own. Which means more money in your pocket.


What's my investment? 

Studio rentals start at $250/week rent.


Since this is going to be my business, can I choose my own paint color? Can I design the studio to reflect my personality? Can I hang pictures, put in a mini fridge, add a Keurig coffee maker for my clients? Can I add my own seasonal decorations? Can I make my salon truly my own?

Yes - yes - yes to all! You SHOULD make this place your own -- it's all about you -- so go for it! We will guide you every step of the way.


What types of studios do you offer?

Mia Studio includes lots of modern cabinetry, a shampoo bowl, a multi-purpose chair, mirror and all Mia Perks starting at $250/week.


Mia Plus Studio includes everything in a Mia Studio, usually a bit more square footage, a separate corner styling station (very cool) and a shampoo chair starting at $285/week.


Mia Pro Studio includes everything in a Mia Plus studio, plus a lot more square footage, a luxurious modern shampoo backwash station, a separate styling station with full-length mirror and super comfortable styling chair, and more square footage starting at $300/week.


Mia Window Studio (very few available) includes everything in our Mia Pro Studios plus an enormous full length wall of windows -- yes, an entire wall of a studio will be glass to the outside world. Very cool and lots of light. $325/week

We offer double and triple capacity shared studios, with custom designed layouts in large spaces.

We allow 2 part time stylists to split rent on one studio, there is a $35 split flee, stylists can alternate their work days.


How does Mia Salon Studios determine how much rent to collect?

Cost of construction buildout, flooring, fixtures, lighting, etc, labor paid to customize the space, window studios are rare and high demand so those have higher rent costs, our expenses to our landlord (rent, CAM, property taxes) which always climb higher year after year, repairs and maintenance to the facility (plumbers, painters, carpenters and electricians labor) along with materials needed to replace bulbs, toilets, odds and ends, plugged up sinks, something is always breaking or snapping or malfunctioning, water bills, electric bills, gas bills, cleaning labor costs, supplies costs such as toilet paper, paper towels, windex, etc, advertising and promotion, dozens of granite countertops, market demand, garbage dumpster fees, professionals fees such as Access Control technicians, Security Camera installers, Network Technicians to keep our network up and running and free of viruses and malware, fees for internet access, licenses and dues to local, state and federal government, the costs of Perks, computer software fees, general business expenses for accounting fees, insurance, supplies, taxes, variation in square footage of a studio (generally larger studios will rent at a higher rate), materials and labor put into the space, HVAC maintenance fees on multiple rooftop units that require filter changes every 90 days, and about 100 other expenses we incur on a yearly basis to make sure Mia Salon Studios delivers a First-Class Experience to our Professionals and Clients on a daily basis.


How long are your lease agreements?

Our lease agreements are 5 years. Here's why:

When you lease a studio from us, you deserve to know that your colleagues are just like you -- dedicated and stable. We want a strong community of reliable professionals, not short-term salon hoppers and fly-by-night transient types. The strength of our Salon Community is what sets us apart from our competition. 

We have an obligation to our professionals to bring in the best of the best.

However, if you have a need for a shorter contract, you can request one.

One more thing: All stylists have a 60 day guarantee -- if you don't love Mia Salon Studios within your first 60 days, you can walk away.


Does rent go up?

Typically, if a stylist has a lease agreement, the answer is no. Upon contract renewal, the rent may rise 3-5% as our rent expenses climb every year.


Can you help me accept credit cards?

Yes, we make it very simple and support the setup every step of the's so easy to collect credit cards using your phone or tablet. Second, we can offer you lower credit card processing rates than you can get on your own -- which means more money in your pocket.


What's the deal with all your perks? You really pay my cell phone bill? You really arranged for me to have the lowest credit card processing rates in the industry? You really have paid vacation? Why are you doing this for me?

We LOVE our stylists! Look, we want you happier, healthier, stronger, and getting all sorts of perks, bonuses, privileges and special discounts. We want you to make a lot more money. Being a part of Mia Salon Studios is something special, and we are grateful to have you. Check out our perks here.


What products can I use and sell?

As an independent contractor you are free to use any professional product you desire.


Who will handle my sales receipts for services rendered?

You will handle all sales receipts. Remember, you are your own boss.


Will I be able to dress the way that I like?

As a "Salon Professional" operating as an independent contractor you can be as stylish as you wish. So feel free to be hip, trendy, sharp! Keep in mind, we are offering a first class experience to our clients, so you really shouldn't be wearing hoodies, yoga pants, athletic shoes, etc. Keep it classy so we all benefit.


Who has access to my studio?

Only Mia Salon Studios management and you will have a key with access to your studio.


Who cleans and maintains my studio?

A cleaning service is available through Mia Salon Studios at a minimal cost. A washer and dryer is provided for all studio tenants, laundering the towels is the responsibility of each individual tenant.


Leaving my salon is a big deal, and I need my confidence respected...can you understand this?

Yes. We completely understand the need for confidentiality during your transition. Don't worry, we've got your back on this, every step of the way. You can call us or text us anytime for a confidential tour, or just to ask questions.


But I've found a cheaper salon that will charge me less rent, what should I do?

If you are looking for a cheap salon, and you are the type of stylist that wants the cheap choice, then by all means go the cheap route. If you are looking for the smart choice, then Mia Salon Studios is the place for you to grow your business, increase your clientele, work smarter not harder, and justify an increase in your pricing to represent the type of exceptional services you provide inside luxury surroundings so your clients are thrilled to be with you.

Ultimately, your salon surroundings will speak volumes about you, your brand, and how your existing and potential clients feel about you as a professional. Choose what's best for you.


What license do I need?

Cosmetologists need an Independent Contractor's License from the Ohio State Cosmetology an Barber Board, and a Vendor's License from the Cuyahoga County Auditor. Barbers simply need a Barber license. It is your responsibility to maintain the continuing education hours required for your individual license. We offer assistance for obtaining and maintaining all appropriate licenses.


How are you different from your competition?

There are two parts to this answer. First, we are very different from a traditional commissions-based salon in that our stylists are independent business owners who never pay commissions again. Most stylists see their income skyrocket and fall in love with the freedom of being their own boss. Owning your own studio comes with many personal and professional rewards that can't be found working for someone else while giving up 40% of your earnings.

Secondly, we are very different from other studio rental operators like Sola Salon Studios and Salon Lofts in that our business model was built from the ground up to provide salon professionals an entirely better experience, based upon what stylists at our competition told us. The list of pain points at Salon Lofts and Sola Salons was lengthy: lack of ample parking, tiny cramped studios, ugly decor, no business support, unhelpful landlords, having no lobbies so clients have to sit awkwardly in the hall, giant corporate franchise that was highly restrictive, software that takes a cut of earnings, and so much more. So we fixed all these negatives and created Mia Salon Studios.

Our salon professionals enjoy granite counter tops, spacious studios that are 30-50% larger than Salon Lofts/Sola Salons, multiple lobbies for clients, free Wi-Fi, everyone parks close to the entrance, perks, European Backwashes that tilt adjust to clients, and so much more than can be listed in this FAQ.

Take your time and click around this website, see what we offer, and when you're ready to upgrade yourself and your clients come take a tour. We strongly encourage you to visit our competition, then come see us.


Salon Lofts and Sola Salons are highly restrictive on how I can decorate my studio due to their corporate guidelines. Is Mia Salon Studios different?

Yes. Typically, our competition expects stylists to paint their own walls and hang their own shelves -- and stop there. We are different. We handle all painting, construction and customization at no charge. You want a chandelier mounted in your window? You got it. You want blinds mounted on your windows? Done. You want a special light fixture above your mirror? Sure thing.

If you buy it, our team will build it, mount it, and install it at our cost. It's your studio, so it shouldn't be cookie-cutter -- it should be special. 


What else should I know?

Our Promise: We take better care of stylists, so stylists can take better care of clients. Feel free to contact any of our stylists at anytime and ask them what they think.