We take care of our studio owners, so they can take care of you.



Will Mia offer a better experience?

You bet. Your studio is really spacious, offering you plenty of room to move around your client, store your products, and sell your retail. There’s even enough space to have comfy chairs and a coffee cart in your room. You’ve got instant, limitless hot water. You’ll see clearly with bright, color correct lighting. High walls ensure conversation privacy. You’ll have granite countertops, top of the line fixtures and really clean bathrooms for you and your clients.


Does the European Backwash really make a big difference?

Stylists love shampooing with our European Backwashes. It ensures your neck, back and shoulders are in proper alignment. Clients love it more! Unlike traditional shampoo bowls, our backwashes adjust to your client, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing shampoo experience that relaxes all pressure from the neck. And it’s so comfortable, it makes waxing a breeze.


Does Mia really take better care of stylists?

Taking better care of stylists is what sets us apart from the competition. Every day, you’ll walk into a clean salon with clean bathrooms and lobbies. We provide complimentary education to keep your CE’s current. You’ll deal directly with the owner who answers calls and texts 7 days/week. You’ll have onsite washers and dryers, a huge break room with kitchen, and lots of Mia Perks. And so much more.


What’s the culture like at Mia Salon Studios?

The strength of our salon community is central to the Mia Salon Studios experience. We only lease to the best professionals who are a good fit for us. When you’re part of Mia, rest assured that your neighbors are true professionals. We support each other with kindness, respect, laughter and professional advice. If you’re a drama queen or pain in the ass, we don’t want you here. Yes, we just said that.



Why do you offer your stylists Mia Perks?

Our stylists deserve it! We pay your cell phone bill. We give you rent-free vacation. We cover your education costs. If you adopt a pet we will pay the adoption fees. We’ve got all the perks listed online, but you know what? There’s a lot of perks we don’t list. You’ll be delightfully surprised when you’re part of our salon community.


Is the Mia Salon Studios app useful?

So useful. Think of our app as your receptionist. It keep track of appointments, tracks inventory, accepts credit cards from your clients, send notification reminders to your clients about their appointments (and notifies you if they don’t reply ‘yes I’ll be at my appointment’), keeps pics and notes of your clients, and links directly to your social media accounts so you can show off. Best of all? It’s completely free of charge.


Can I speak directly with the owner?

Hey! Owner checking in! My name is Bryan, you can reach me at 440.212.9389. I answer calls and texts 7 days per week. How can I help?


How are you different from a traditional salon?

A traditional salon takes a cut of your earnings, tells you when to work and what to charge and what services to provide. At Mia Salon Studios, you are your own boss, set your own schedule, services and prices. We never take a cut of your earnings. Your studio rent is typically covered in 2-3 clients. You keep 100% of your profits.


How are you different from Salon Lofts or Sola Salons?

It’s been said that a local business should never mention their large corporate competitors, but we have to so you can understand the Mia difference. We’ve been created, from concept to buildout, to offer an entirely better experience than Salon Lofts and Sola Salons, in every way possible. We strongly encourage you to visit them first, then come see us. Yes, they were first to arrive and perfectly adequate at what they do — but so was the horse. Then Henry Ford had a better idea…


Will I be glad I switched?

Mia has a 100% satisfaction rate. We’ve got a lot of happy stylists, nail techs and estheticians. Our business model continues to evolve and improve to meet the ever-changing needs of our Salon Community. We take better care of stylists. But don’t take our word for it. Feel free to call or text any stylist and ask them their thoughts.


What else do I need to know?

Give us a call to take a tour and we can chat about your goals. We can help you determine if Mia is a good fit for you, and if you’re a good fit for us. We don’t accept everyone who applies.

We periodically offer lease specials, fun promotions, special offers, and signing bonuses to help stylists get started on the right foot.